Masters Programmes

The Department of Physics offers a two year M. Sc. (Physics) degree programme with optional courses in several areas such as Materials Science, Condensed Matter Physics, Biophysics, Nuclear Techniques, Accelerator Physics, Laser Physics, Non-linear Phenomena and Physics of Nanostructures etc.

The admissions of Indian candidates are through a national level entrance examination. The advertisement is put up in print media as well as on the webpage around March/April. The entrance examination is held in June. The first semester starts around the end of July.

Non-Indian candidates are requested to contact International Students Centre for queries regarding admissions.

Comprehensive M.Sc. syllabus for the University Department of Physics (Academic Flexibility) under credit system

Course Structure

Courses in Semester I

  • PHY-P101 Basic Physics Laboratory-I
  • PHY-P102 Computer Laboratory
  • PHY-T103 Quantum Mechanics-I
  • PHY-T104 Electronics
  • PHY-T105 Classical Mechanics
  • PHY-T106 Mathematical Methods in Physics

Courses in Semester II

  • PHY-P201 Basic Physics Laboratory-I
  • PHY-P202 Computer Laboratory
  • PHY-T203 Quantum Mechanics-II
  • PHY-T204 Electrodynamics-I
  • PHY-T205 Statistical Mechanics
  • PHY-T206 Atoms, Molecules and Solids

Courses in Semester III

Mandatory Courses

  • PHY-P301 Basic Physics Laboratory-II (A)
  • PHY-T302 Solid State Physics
  • PHY-T303 Electrodynamics-II
  • Semester III : Special Laboratory Courses

    One of the following two courses is mandatory

  • PHY-T304 Methods of Experimental Physics
  • PHY-T305 Methods of Computational Physics

    Electives that could be offered at Semester III (ONE ELECTIVE to be chosen)

  • PHY-T306 Physics of Thin Films and Device Technology
  • PHY-T307 Condensed Matter-I
  • PHY-T308 Microwaves : Theory and Applications
  • PHY-T309 Quantum Mechanics-III
  • PHY-T310 Materials Science-I
  • PHY-T311 Astronomy and Astrophysics-I
  • PHY-T312 Nuclear Techniques-I
  • PHY-T313 Biophysics-I
  • PHY-T314 Bioelectronics-I
  • PHY-T315 Laser-I
  • PHY-T321 Accelerator Physics-I
  • PHY-T323 Nonlinear Dynamics-I
  • PHY-T324 Chemical Physics-I
  • PHY-T325 Nanotechnology-I
  • PHY-T-327 Energy Studies-I

    Courses in Semester IV

    Mandatory Courses

  • PHY-P400-A Project
  • PHY-P400-B Project
  • PHY-P401 Basic Physics Laboratory-II (B)
  • PHY-T402 Nuclear Physics
  • Sem. IV Special Laboratory Courses

    Electives: Parts II of the PHY-T3## quoted above

  • PHY-T406 Thin Films and Device Technology
  • PHY-T407 Condensed Matter-II
  • PHY-T408 Radiowave Applications
  • PHY-T409 Quantum Mechanics-IV
  • PHY-T410 Materials Science-II
  • PHY-T411 Astronomy and Astrophysics-II
  • PHY-T412 Nuclear Techniques-II
  • PHY-T413 Biophysics-II
  • PHY-T414 Bioelectronics-II
  • PHY-T415 Laser-II
  • PHY-T421 Accelerator Physics-II
  • PHY-T423 Nonlinear Dynamics-II
  • PHY-T424 Chemical Physics-II
  • PHY-T425 Nanotechnology-II
  • PHY-T-427 Energy Studies-II


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